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"Best Place to Work" Award: What does it take to win?

Posted by Stephen Parry on Apr 9, 2020 1:34:50 PM

On behalf of Awards International, I was invited to showcase Strata, a private homebuilder serving Yorkshire and the East Midlands and last year's winner of "Best Place to Work" at the UK Business Awards.  In the live Winsight Webinar, Gemma Smith, Strata's Managing Director, explains just what makes it award-winning. The webinar includes the winner's mindset, the winner's presentation and the judges' comments.

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As Chair of Judges for the "Best Place to Work" category, I and my fellow judges, had to ask ourselves, "What makes a great place to work?" and "What do we need to know about the businesses?" 

Some of the winsights for companies nominating themselves are:

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  • Describe the business, especially if it is a niche one
  • Detail the problem(s) trying to be solved
  • Describe the starting situation in regard to the business itself, the technology and people management 
  • Explain the change approach
  • Clarify how the change approach influenced or impacted all of the stakeholders and what they each needed to do to ensure success
  • Give the results with clients / customers, staff, managers, technology and culture

Click here to watch the Winsight Webinar.

Making award-winning organisations is always Lloyd Parry's ambition when working with our clients.  If you would like some free advice on your business strategy, click below to schedule a time in the diary for a free 45-minute consultation. 

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