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Adaptive Business: April Newsletter

Posted by Stephen Parry on Apr 29, 2019 1:50:01 PM

Digital News 1600x900In this issue, read about: 

  • The Agile and Adaptive Business: Sense and Respond Academy Discussion Group
  • Accenture interview with Stephen Parry
  • Change Readiness Webinar Series: Date Announced
  • Top-Billing Blogs for this Month
  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events

The Agile and Adaptive Business: Sense and Respond Academy, our new Linkedin discussion groupvector-of-social-business-gathering-vector-id481970869 narrow copy
We recently launched the Agile and Adaptive Business: Sense and Respond Academy, a new group on LinkedIn. Its purpose is to offer a forum for discussion relating to new forms of business adaptability. Specifically, the group will focus on organisational infrastructures and work climates that promote and sustain the willing contribution and creativity from staff, managers, and leaders, leading to long-term prosperity, learning, and, most importantly, differentiation. If you would like to be part of the group, click here. 

 Accenture Interview with Stephen Parry: Transforming an Already Overburdened Organisation

In this podcast, in conjunction with the Business Agility Institute, Stephen addresses transformation in organisations that are often already overburdened. He says this requires senior leaders to trust the management at the mid level and, in turn, Agile Amped logo pngmiddle managers must trust the staff below them. Listen to the the podcast and hear him speak live at the Business Agility Conference in Vienna, 20-21 May.

Webinar on Management Training, Chapter 1 of our new ebook, Change Readiness: Planting the Seeds for Change Success

Wednesday, the 15th of May, 17.00 BST (18.00 CET) May 15

In this webinar, we will focus on the first chapter of our eBook, Management Training.  We will reveal simple training secrets to activate change success and discuss the 5 stages of early change failure: management skills, backlog, prioritisation, wilful blindness, and resigned acceptance. Joining instructions will be sent the day before. Register here for the webinar on the 15th of May.

Top-Billing Blogs for this Month

Einstein MonroeHow do you see your organisation? Is it a Marilyn Monroe or an Albert Einstein? 

In this blog, we reveal how the Monroe-Einstein metaphor is useful when examining end-to-end business, particularly in services and technology. 


Future is Always Coming croppedThe Future is Always Coming: Adaptability is Key to Keeping Up with Technology 

In this article, we ask you to consider Lloyd Parry’s 3Ts Model – Technology, Transition and Transformation, when thinking about an IT and technology transformation.


Lloyd Parry Change Readiness mock upManagement Training, Chapter 1 of Change Readiness: Planting the Seeds for Change Success 

In this first chapter Management Training in our new eBook, we address the 5 stages of early change failure: management skills, backlog, prioritisation, wilful blindness, and resigned acceptance. 

Recent Events

Aginext Conference, London 2019, Presentation Feedback

Aginext Slide

I would like to say thank you to everyone at the Aginext Conference -- from the organisers, attendees and other speakers, for making it such a vibrant, exciting conference!  I had some excellent feedback on my presentation and am much appreciative.

  • "Such an eye opener, it was great to actually see someone sharing how they address the topic of business transformation in a very objective and structured way. Absolutely loved it!"  
  • "Extremely informative and thought provoking. Great as this was applicable outside IT." 
  • "Very detailed and thorough. I really valued the insights."

Upcoming Events
Business Agility Conference, Vienna, 20 - 21 May

Stephen Parry speaker card Business Agility

Presentation: From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Respond: Shaping the Business and Work-Climate towards Agility, Adaptiveness and Differentiation

Adaptive business is a transcendent leap beyond mere process and efficiency gains. Becoming an adaptive organisation means managing a transformation from the old world to the new.

It means rethinking and reimagining how and why we work, to achieve harmony with market evolution, no matter which way it turns. You can’t control market evolution, but you can control your own.

Some points that will be considered in this presentation are:

  1. Business Agility is about creating organisations that embrace continuous change and continuous value creation to differentiate the business and generate long-term profitability.
  2. We will look at how some large organisations have made the journey from traditional 'Make and Sell' approaches to Agile and Adaptive 'Sense and Respond' businesses.
  3. We will also examine what needs to change in the organisational infrastructure and how changing the mind-set, skill-set and work-climate are the new keys to unlock potential.


Agile Prague Conference, Prague, 16 - 17 September

Agile Prague v2

Keynote Presentation: The Organisational Journey to Business Agility

It is easy to point out that changing technologies, revised business models and increased competition demand an agile and adaptive response from businesses to survive. It is quite another thing to recognise what an agile and adaptive organisation looks like in practice.

In this presentation, I’ll be addressing a number of issues:

  • The perceived barriers to Business Agility
  • The Business Agility Flywheel characteristics
  • Work-climate change (i.e. the combined perceptions, feelings and behaviours of staff, managers and leaders)
  • Getting the foundations right: pitfalls, gold mines and fatally ignoring the obvious.

Click here to book Stephen to speak at your event.



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