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Testing work climate first step in organisation transformation

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jun 9, 2016 2:35:24 AM

Organisation transformation almost always starts with a climate check.

It makes sense. After all, an organization, is not the sum of its structure, but rather its people.

Ask yourself, what it’s like to work at your organisation? Not on any particular day, but rather, any week, any month. Typically, what is the pervasive attitude of employees? Is it energetic? Open to discussion of ideas? Or is it closed? A company of silos? Are staff secretive and nervous?

Your work-climate is comprised of the combined perceptions, feelings, and behaviours of staff, managers, and leaders. Extensive research has proven there is a link between the work-climate and overall operational performance of an organisation, and demonstrates that work-climate is a predictor of a company’s long-term profitability.

Testing the work climate is arguably the most important step of any transformation, in that it provides a signpost towards not only the areas for change but also the amount of change needed.

Measure for value

Climetrics® is a unique organisational diagnostic we use to identify work climate in all of its facets: management activities, measurement systems, structures, and delivery capabilities. Ideally those organisational pieces should combine to create an adaptive work-climate leading to high-performance and long-term profitability. If they don’t, then change should be on the agenda.

A Climetrics® survey is structured to surface the impact of management choices through a careful analysis of the perceptions, feelings and behaviours of staff and management.

The survey, in addition to assessing behaviours, provides insight into the influence on the work-climate as a result of management choices in the following areas:

• How organisational design impacts collaboration
• Managing practices such as continuous-improvement and governance
• End-to-end service performance
• Service quality
• Innovation and change ability
• Customer centricity
• Leadership style

If your organization is looking to explore change, Climetrics is a proven organisational diagnostic that will take a detailed snapshot of your work climate and assist in developing a roadmap to move forward. Without a roadmap, you can’t plan a journey to transformation. 

One more thought on that roadmap, however. Your roadmap is only as good as knowing your coordinates. Most people know where they want to go but have no idea where they're even starting from. Getting to your destination really depends on how certain you are of your current location.

Topics: Change Leadership, Work Climate