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Is your Organisation's Future Sunny or Stormy?Measuring your Microclimates with Climetrics®

Posted by Stephen Parry on Mar 2, 2016 8:31:01 PM

Most people I speak to think that measuring the work climate of a company is interesting. But when I point out that work climate actually has a direct impact on profitability they tend to listen just a little more intently. The tool we use to measure organisational climate within businesses is called Climetrics®. 

And despite what you might think, it has absolutely nothing to do with the thermostat. I like the metaphor of weather because it is a concept that most people understand and can relate to.

Let’s say the weather across Europe is generally warm. However, France is different to Denmark, but they’re both in Europe. It’s the same within global organisations. The whole organisation has a climate, but that general climate is made up of the many microclimates in each division and department.

Using organisational Climetrics®, we measure how well an organisation engages, learns, makes leadership decisions and improves at all levels, and from those measurements, we can very accurately predict how successful they are going to be over the long term.

The part that hooks people is that it's all measurable. We don’t just take the climate of an organisation; we measure the microclimates within them. This allows us to see right down to the departmental level and examine the internal structure as individual pieces of the larger puzzle.

Through our analysis we can see deep into the organisational structure and can tell what is working and what isn’t. From our diagnostic we can then create a comprehensive custom program that addresses specific needs and problems without disrupting areas where the “weather” is fine.

However, there is another dimension that I haven’t mentioned. So far, all our measurements are at the ground level, but if you’ve ever been in a plane, you’ll know that the view from the cabin is always sunny when you get high enough. This is where the hierarchy of an organisation tends to view things from. And Climetrics® is a way to show them that while everything might look great from above there may be turbulence ahead.

If your organisation's climate predicts your long-term profitability, then you need to find out what that climate says about your future. Is it going to be stormy or sunny? To find out more about how to diagnose your organisation's climate using our diagnostic, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. 

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