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Climetrics key in transforming from mass production to adaptable organization

I’ve said before that Climetrics is like a tailor-made bespoke suit. Many change programs come in a one-size-fits-all package. And I think we all know about how well that works out adaptable...

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Climetrics preps your organization for profitability

How often do you leave your home and head out without checking the weather? I’ll wager that it’s not too often.

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Testing work climate first step in organisation transformation

Organisation transformation almost always starts with a climate check.

It makes sense. After all, an organization, is not the sum of its structure, but rather its people.

Ask yourself, what it’s...

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Building trust essential to building Lean and Agile organisations


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Past experience won’t help businesses survive change

It’s a scary yet exhilarating time to be in  businesses survive change.

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Championing failures the best way to succeed

Someone told me recently about Pixar Studios cofounder Ed Catmull and how he said that you had to embrace failure to succeed. I hadn’t heard that particular story but I smiled in recognition. It’s no...

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Breaking Through The Wall: Designing organisations that work for Lean and Agile thinking people

Can we design adaptive, innovative and engaging organisations for employees, managers and leaders alike?

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Taking the temperature of the micro-climates within your organisation

Most people I speak to think that measuring the work climate of a company is interesting.

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