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Climetrics: Inside the process

So you’ve hired Lloyd Parry to work on your internal change program. You’ve seen the overview of how Climetrics works and understand the value of creating a highly adaptive organisation. But how does...

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The rewards of ‘smarting up’ your customer-facing staff

Right across the board, today’s customers are demanding greater and greater choice. To stay successful in a rapidly changing climate, organisations must not only confront and deal with this demand...

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HR strategies to support Adaptive Lean Change

I recently wrote about the importance of Human Resources (HR) in the adoption of Adaptive Lean Change in the workplace.

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HR departments crucial in Lean effectiveness

One of my challenges in delivering the messages and methods of Adaptive Lean Change has been getting Human Resources (HR) departments to see their role in the process of change.

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Work culture and climate redux

A recent column of mine on the difference between a work climate and a work culture prompted an intriguing question from a reader on Linked In.

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Purposeful adaptability

Adaptability is a crucial factor in the ability to survive, whatever the context.

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Adaptive: Work climate and culture are not the same

I get calls from companies these days who are struggling with the amount of discontinuous change caused by technologies, new business models coupled with unprecedented pressures to upgrade the...

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Differences between managers and leaders crucial

Reading a resume can be fascinating. When I peruse a manager’s resume, it tells a story of what they’ve done. Intriguingly, a change-maker’s resume tells of what they can create.

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Choosing purpose and working on it very different

Choosing your core purpose and working on it are two different things.

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New forms of adaptive organisational workforces: Faster adaptability is the new core competency in the new economy

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