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Adaptability: Don’t Implement – Grow!

While at the Business Agility 2017 conference in New York recently, I met many wonderful people, all eager to engage on the issue of adaptability in organisations. The work I pioneered in my 2005...

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BusinessAgile2017 Redux: Change or die

Before last week’s talk at BusinessAgility2017 in New York City, I told some of my confidantes that I sensed something shifting in the change and transformation field.

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Sense and Respond helps organisations in Shared Services implementations

If you are embarking on remaking a Shared Services programme, one thing is certain – you will face challenges.

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Agile Review Magazine: „Für mich heißt Lean vor allem: Menschen, Menschen, Menschen“

Stephen Parry spricht mit Doreen Timm über Lean, den Aufbau von Organisationen, die am Kunden orientiert sind und woran Manager gemessen werden sollten.

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Sense and Respond further study section

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Sense and Respond Book Review by Tomislav Petrovic

4.0 out of 5 stars Insightful, proven, necessary in today's world,26 Nov 2012
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Burgers or Subs? Batch and queue vs Flow.

Creating the flow of value, Let the work dictate the design

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Mass production vs. Customer Value Principles

There is a cataclysmic difference between mass production and the creation of a Customer Value Enterprise® through the application of Customer Value Principles. Customer Value Principles come from...

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Re-post Sense and Respond Linkedin Discussion

Stephen Parry • Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, or a Happy Holiday which ever suits.

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Sense and Respond the Book: Compelling case for the relevance of Lean Services

Amazon.com book Review:

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