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Stephen Parry Will Be Speaking At Agile Business Day 2018!

Posted by Stephen Parry on Aug 20, 2018 9:07:41 AM

Stephen Parry will be speaking at Agile Business Day 2018. He is an international leader and organizational change architect, designing and creating adaptive organisations and cultures.

He is the CEO of Lloyd Parry International, a consulting group creating Lean and Agile Adaptive businesses. His clients include many global technology-related companies, such as SAP, British Telecom, and Amadeus.

In addition, Lloyd Parry International works with technology and organisational-related change in financial services, software development, IT and Cloud outsourcing, and government shared services.

Here is a link to Stephen’s speaker page: http://www.agilebusinessday.com/speakers/stephen-parry-3/

Book your place for Agile Business Day 2018 at: https://tickets.agilebusinessday.com/event/abd2018

If you’re unable to attend the conference but are interested in The Chameleon Effect and accompanying workshop, please get in touch to discuss the possibility of Stephen delivering them to your team.

Schedule a free 1:1 call with Stephen Parry.

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