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Stephen Parry Appointed To CXA’18 Award Judge Panel

Posted by Stephen Parry on Aug 17, 2018 12:51:27 PM

We are delighted that our CEO Stephen Parry has been nominated as a judge for this year’s upcoming CXA’18 UK Customer Experience Awards. The judges represent a diverse range of industries and ensure all awards are independently assessed and demonstrate a balanced assessment of the recipient’s achievements in their category.

Stephen is a well-respected business leader and author, with a global reputation as a speaker and consultant on adaptive business strategies. His input will help the awards panel focus on the technological and organisational aspects of adaptive strategies and how these impact a business’s customer service outlook.

Among Stephen’s fellow judges are a panel of senior directors, entrepreneurs and service delivery specialists from leading businesses across the UK. They combine centuries of high-level and blue-chip corporate experience, with knowledge of change and adaptation management from many different angles. This includes the impact of business culture, the innovative use of technologies, business processes, communication strategies and more.

About The CX Awards

The prestigious UK Customer Experience Awards, now in their ninth year, are presented to UK businesses that demonstrate excellent customer engagement, consistent turnover and business reputation – as well as conspicuous high performance in 22 category areas. Each category under examination will have its own award winners.

This year’s judges are considering award applications for:

  • Best Financial Services – separate categories for banking & investment and insurance
  • Best Contact Centre – categories for large and small businesses
  • Best Hospitality, Leisure and Travel Organisation
  • Best UK business with an international trading present outside the UK
  • Best use of technology and telecoms
  • Best transport and logistics strategy
  • Best utilities management
  • Best health and well-being impact – in terms of customer engagement
  • Best educational impact – a category for colleges, universities and training organisations
  • Best customer experience training
  • Best track record of business change and transformation
  • Best customer-centric business culture
  • Best employee engagement in customer service
  • Best digital/online customer services
  • Best use of customer feedback and insights
  • Best product or service improvements to improve customer experience.


After a lengthy application process, the CXA judges have shortlisted 100 companies as finalists for all categories, who can be viewed here. Competition has been intense this year, and it is the first year that so many businesses have been considered as finalists. The results for each category are sure to close and hotly considered before being announced at an awards ceremony at Wembley Stadium on 11th October.

We are looking forward to what promises to be a very well attended awards event, featuring some of the country’s leading pioneers in customer experience processes. To find out more, please contact the CXA directly using their online messaging form.

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