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Past experience won’t help businesses survive change

Posted by Stephen Parry on May 24, 2016 8:52:01 PM

It’s a scary yet exhilarating time to be in  businesses survive change.

Scary because it's a time when past experience and solutions are shown to be poor determinants of whether or  not a business survive.

Exhilarating because embracing change is not just an option, it’s the only way to run a business in the  21st century.  If you can’t create a culture of adaptability and move with the market, your foundation is about as solid as a sandcastle waiting for the tide to come in and wash it away.

Here are some salient facts to consider...

  • Global competition is increasing at exponential rates.
  • Employee and customer expectations are outpacing many organisations’ ability to keep up.
  • Shareholders and stakeholders are demanding more for less.
  • Disruptive technologies are creating environments of continuous change and wiping out entire industries on a scale like we haven’t seen before.
  • Traditional management training and development programs were established in a time of relative stability and are woefully inadequate to deal with not only what’s coming next - but what’s here now.

So what’s the way forward?

In an interconnected world, we must develop interconnected skills, knowledge and learning.

Senior management must be open to data and evidence flowing forward from any position in the organization. Being that accessible and flexible while leading and engaging staff requires a mind and skill shift.

Sense-and-Respond thinking creates a climate that can see the value in recognizing ‘disconnects’ with customers and a climate in which management and staff learning is seen as central to business success, not just an add-on activity.

This is the heart of Sense and Respond thinking and central to the development of adaptive, innovative and engaging work environments.

The integrated learning, development and thinking program we put in place is structured around developing management’s ability to engage with customers, employees and leaders, not just those on the next level down the corporate ladder. And when a problem is surfaced, it’s addressed in a blame-free work climate that values the improvements that flow from proper problem-solving strategies.

Organisations succeed by creating a culture that shares information end-to-end and with senior management -  leading from a position of knowledge not hierarchy, improving both managers’ abilities and those of staff.

To learn more about how to have Sense and Respond transform your organization, please contact us at info@lloydparry.com.

Topics: Adaptability, Agile Review, Change Leadership, Work Climate