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Real Lean by Bob Emiliani. Book Review by Stephen Parry

Posted by Stephen Parry on Dec 29, 2012 8:08:06 AM

What the CEO needs to know about Lean

The point of the book is very clear. This is a must have book because it brings everyone back to the purpose of Lean... its a management system not a set of tools, it berates the linkage with Six Sigma and provides sound arguments on why they should not be seen in the same way. This book should be given to every CEO, as an instruction book about what it means to develop an organisation based on Lean Management Principles. This is not a how to do it manual, its a 'why should we do Lean book' and 'what it takes from management to BE Lean'

Implementing lean

I recommend every practitioner of Lean take many of the examples from the book and educate their management teams and CEO's. Then give them this book to read, they can read it on 45 min and it will save a lifetime of heartache, disappointment and money trying to implement what is described in the book as 'Fake-Lean' ( A non Lean Improvement programme masquerading as a Lean Programme)

I highly recommend this book its excellent.

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