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Podcast: Achieving Business Agility and Adaptability

Posted by Stephen Parry on Nov 20, 2019 6:32:45 PM

Business Agility is the buzzphrase heard in many organisations today. It has a different meaning to what most people assume, and more importantly, it simply is not Agile scaled-up.

Business Agility is where an organisation, as a whole, provides a professionally safe environment for its people where they can sense and adapt quickly to change in the marketplace. There are numerous change methods out there that can help you achieve this state of adaptability.

Foundation Wooden Blocks-1-1So, where do you start?

Or, perhaps, you’re asking yourself, ‘How do we restart?’

The answers to the following questions can serve as a starting point when you’re considering Agility or Adaptability:


  • What part and level of the business are you talking about?Listen-2
  • Why do you want to have Business Agility?
  • What is the competitive landscape you’re working in?
  • How do you want to compete going forward?

My recent podcast can help you deep dive into these areas to help you on your journey.

We encourage and welcome comments and debate so please feel free to leave your questions below. Also, If you would like to have a chat about the podcast or would like some additional free resources, please get in touch.


Topics: Adaptive Culture, Adaptive Business, business agility, Agile

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