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Personal purpose key for changemakers and changemaking

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jun 18, 2015 3:58:25 AM

When we start enterprise-wide change with our changemakers, not only are we looking for common purpose for the organization, we are looking for personal purpose with the changemaker.

The two phenomena are linked inextricably. Unless the changemaker’s purpose is aligned to the corporate purpose in terms of meaningful work, they will not have the strength or inclination to push through change. There will be a mismatch with the objective so the organization and their personal objectives will be a fruitless endeavour for both parties.

Stephen Parry Biog PhotoDetermining if the organization is worth changing and the company purpose worthy of their effort is something that has to be evaluated by the changemaker vis-a-vis their own personal purpose.

When we sit people down to consider their personal purpose, we are asking them to mull over what really drives their passion for life and what they are trying to achieve, wealth and health notwithstanding.

To what purpose are you committing your wealth, health and efforts? What is the meaningful work you’re looking for? Without such an exercise, we may only be making rich companies richer, setting up ourselves for noisy, furious work signifying nothing, to crib from Macbeth.


Finding purpose is one of the great things humans can do but it takes time, hard work and above all courage. Courage to identify exactly what purpose you're committing to, courage to set out on that path, discipline to stay that course and refuel when needed.

Not to undercut the necessity for courage but sometimes that very quality is needed to recognize when your pursuit is not ‘true north’ and not a pure purpose.

Courage is key to change direction in the face of your best efforts to date and refocus your pure purpose and goals.

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