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Change Mangement: Create more predicatibility and control with adaptive practices

Discussions with upper management about adaptability are often an awkward dance.

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Adaptability: What it means for your business

In recent months most conversations I’ve had with business leaders start with two questions about adaptive business: what is it and why do I need it?

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Change Management: Re-purposing the Business in Disruptive Times

I’m very pleased to be delivering a keynote presentation and a 90-minute interactive workshop at this year’s ITEM Strategy and Practice IT Conference, From Code to Product. From Service to Solution

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Adaptability, Transformation and the End of Silos

People often ask me how adaptive workplaces are different from the one in which they work.

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Big Picture Collaboration – The Key To Adaptability

This article was originally posted on CIO magazine.

In an era of unprecedented change, there is broad agreement that problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability skills are more important...

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3 Brilliant Business Tips To Improve Leadership and Adaptability

The outstanding modern-day exponent of true end to end leadership was undoubtedly the late, great Steve Jobs. His biographer Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs, wrote a fascinating 30-minute...

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Four Tips For Getting The Adaptive Culture In Business Right

The capacity of a business to adapt to change rests as much on its culture as it does on the technologies and systems it has in place. In other words, it is the attitude and abilities of the staff...

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Adaptability solutions finessed by different ‘mixes’

Working in the change sector, I’ve come to brace myself whenever I hear someone has come up with THE BEST ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE MODEL – yes, all in capital letters.After a cursory look I generally...

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Adaptability: the view from the mixing board

As a musician I understand what happens when the individual elements of a recording sound perfect, only to fall apart when played together.

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Modernising quality systems: Are your systems failing to keep up?

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] While working with management on quality issues, I’ve come to see current methods as generally quite stale, slow and organisationally entrenched. Old...

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