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Book Stephen Parry For Your Next Event

Lloyd Parry founder Stephen Parry is available to deliver presentations and talks at conferences, events, business dinners and training seminars. With decades of experience in business coaching,...

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Join Us in Warsaw for This Year’s AgileByExample Conference in October!

The start of October sees us preparing for a trip to Poland to deliver a presentation at this year’s AgileByExample Conference (ABE18) in Warsaw on 22nd - 24th of this month. AgileByExample is the...

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Ready to take your management career to the next level? London 20-21 Nov 18

Next-Level Decision Making is a management course in critical-thinking and complex problem-solving. Professionals engaged in both day-to-day management and change management will benefit hugely... Read More →

Stephen Parry Will Be Speaking At Agile Business Day 2018!

Stephen Parry will be speaking at Agile Business Day 2018. He is an international leader and organizational change architect, designing and creating adaptive organisations and cultures.

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Stephen Parry Appointed To CXA’18 Award Judge Panel

We are delighted that our CEO Stephen Parry has been nominated as a judge for this year’s upcoming CXA’18 UK Customer Experience Awards. The judges represent a diverse range of industries and...

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Change Readiness: When Firefighting Consumes IT And Cloud Organisations.

Originally Published in the CIO Magazine May 2018

The rate of technology change and voracious competition for market share are producing cloud organisations that are seriously overburdened, and... Read More →

What Will We Be Covering At Agile Business Day 2018?

The Chameleon Effect: Bold visions and harsh realities require new forms of Agility and Adaptability is the title of Stephen’s presentation at this year’s conference. The talk will focus on the...

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The Key Challenges For Businesses Transformation And Change: Turn On The Lights!

Originally published in CIO Magazine June 2018

Imagine yourself at a party where everyone is having great time. Suddenly someone turns on the lights, and everyone looks around. What do they see?... Read More →

Agile Business Day 2018 – What Is It & Why Should You Attend?

The Agile Business Day will be held on the 15th of September in Venice and is the only Italian conference with an international reach that covers on 360 degrees the themes of agility at the...

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Change Management Theory and Practice: Assumptions and Motivations

The greatest waste in organisations today is the waste in human potential.’

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