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Off-the-rack change packages can’t transform organizations

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jun 21, 2016 2:30:10 AM

It occurred to me recently that a completed change process is like a bespoke, tailor-made suit.

A suit is a suit. You can buy a suit off the peg from a department store. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Armani or a Ben Sherman - it’s still unlikely to fit exactly the way you want it, because your body is unique and the suit is a mass produced product.

The second option is to have a complete bespoke suit made for you. If you’ve ever done this you know what a difference it can make. Not only is the suit tailored to your body, it functions as an extension of the image you want to project to the world. Some people want a suit of armor to hide behind, others use the suit to give them confidence. The intention and purpose of the suit is as unique as the person wearing it.

So how is the suit like transformational change? Well it can either be bought off the shelf or it can be tailor-made based on the needs of the organisation. In short, a change process is not a product.

As part of the work we do with clients, we take them through a process to help them identify what it is they’re trying to achieve. Then we design a unique program that takes into account the organisation’s current working climates and pushes them toward the desired transformational outcome.

Yes, we use many of the same tools that have worked for other companies. But staying with our analogy for a moment longer, it's a tailor-made suit which allows the organization to be more flexible.

Organizational change needs a lot more than an off-the-rack solution. And if you go with the cheap suit, it’s never going to fit.

Topics: Adaptability, Customer Value Principles, Change Leadership

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