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Making your talent valuable is the best organisational talent strategy

Posted by Stephen Parry on Oct 12, 2016 4:17:01 AM

When working on an Adaptive-Lean transformation with an organisation, we look at their management, their leaders, their talent. What we’ve found that when it comes to recruitment, far too many look for candidates that are likely to maintain the status quo rather than infuse the organisation with new ideas.

The phrase ‘perfect fit’ is the term most of them use. But what many don’t understand is that the status quo actually means stagnation and what organisations should be looking for is reinvigoration and reinvention.

It’s this kind of thinking that often leads to companies engaging us. When the status quo isn’t good enough anymore it’s time for an Adaptive-Lean change.

People are the core of any business - whether it's understood that way or not. But once it is  understood and integrated into the values of the organisation everything changes. If you release the potential of your people, your people will realize the potential of your organisation.

I tell organisations we’re working with to invest in their people -  make them smarter, more capable, engaged and fully aligned with objectives.  When this is done correctly, employees become worth their weight in gold.

Of course the upshot is that these employees also become more attractive to competitors. And while poaching may become a concern, it shouldn’t. That’s because when a workplace is promotes this kind of employee empowerment, the opposite happens. Candidates will flock to a workplace that shares with employees the rewards of what they bring to the organisation.

The result is you’re no longer on the watch for good people, because they’re looking for you.

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Topics: Adaptability, Agile Review, Customer Experience, Customer Value Principles, Lean