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Making Organisations The Best Environment For Agile Success

Posted by Stephen Parry on Dec 8, 2016 3:00:30 AM

I was at an Agile-themed conference recently as a featured speaker. But as is the often case at these events I was able to take in a lot of the other breakout and keynote sessions. Each was filled with fascinating discussions about building better teams, various techniques to move projects and organisations forward along with other related topics.

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The conference organiser was asked at one point why he chose each of the speakers. When he came to me he had a different answer than for the others. He said he invited me because I come from “the business side”. He noted that many of the attendees spoke of agile techniques from the viewpoint of teamwork within a business but that I was speaking to the idea of entire organisations becoming adaptive within the agile framework.

He was absolutely right. But what surprised me was the impact his comments had on the attendees. For the first time many of them realised that how you organise a business has a massive impact on individual teams and their ability to do their work.

The way we organise businesses is often one of the the biggest barriers to success. Unfortunately it’s hard to see this when you’re working from within the structure.

My colleagues at that conference are practitioners of team transformation which is valuable in the context of a business. However at Lloyd Parry we see our job as transforming businesses in a way that allows teams to operate so that their work leads to long term profitability.

The somewhat harsh reality is that unless they do that, it doesn’t matter how great these teams are. They’ll never reach their potential.

To learn how Lloyd Parry International can transform your organisation into an adaptive culture using our Adaptive Business Framework please get in touch.

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