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Living Supply Chains by John Gattorna. Book Review by Stephen Parry

Posted by Stephen Parry on Dec 29, 2012 8:48:37 AM

This is an excellent book for the knowledgeable practitioner. It is crammed full of diagnostic tools designed to get you thinking about how adaptive your own value chain is or could be. It's not a book about Lean Principles but it comes close enough for me.

There are some assumptions behind this book,

1) Most organisations have the desire to create an adaptive supply chain,

2)That organisations are ready to abandon their conventional wisdom in order to find out what their customers really want.

Implementing lean

If these assumptions can correctly be made about your organisation then this is book is a must for you.

If you are trying to make a case for your organisation to embark on this course then the book does not provide the evidence you will need or even provide a theoretical framework with which to start. Hence this book is really for the professional change agent working in conditions where you already have senior management commitment.

As a book that reinforces John Gattorna as a skilled and knowledgeable authority on the subject of supply chain improvement it is very successful. It is clear from the book that for the less knowledgeable person then you need the help of someone like John to get you started.

Well written, good read, great source of diagnostic methods, a must for the supply chain improvement practitioner.

4 out of 5 stars

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