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Lean IT challenge: linking the value chain

Posted by Stephen Parry on Apr 3, 2015 3:42:40 AM

If you’re in the IT business and think your goal is to just focus on the customer and deliver exactly what they need, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

This is why Lean IT makes such a difference. Lean IT asks us to see each of your clients in their value chain: their suppliers, professional services and supply chains to name a few.

It gives us a unique position as an IT provider in that we can look upstream and downstream from our customers business. We see how we can deliver our services to our clients to enable us to help them deliver more to their customers.

business man hand use mobile phone streaming travel around the wThat calls for a very different perspective from the IT consultants of the past. Usually they would say something like ‘oh you want this application: here are the specs’ and then walk away.

That consultant never saw the other problems that arose when their client interacted with other businesses.

One of my clients, Amadeus, supplies a range of services to airlines, hotels and travel againsts among them.

As a consumer of travel services I am dealing with many companies and Amadeus are dealing with many clients.

As a consumer my journey starts when I need to make a trip. I will do research, timings, proxies, itinerary, hotels, how to get the the airport: what we call the customer journey.

That journey touches many companies, one of which could be one of Amadeus’ clients.

Amadeus realizes the information needed to support the consumer is spread across many different companies.

That’s what we call a value chain: different companies who all have vested interest in the customer.


So how can we collaborate across all the companies to benefit the consumer?

The issue is who has the information and if they’re willing to share it.

When consumers travel they want it all at the touch of a button. They don’t want to hear that you can’t get them the information they need. They want all of that hassle taken away.

The technology is there to do it. What’s not there is this holistic view as to how to get all of the companies to share this information.

That challenge is the exciting world that is in front of us.

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