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HR Strategies To Support Adaptive Lean Change

Posted by Stephen Parry on Aug 19, 2015 7:00:02 AM

I recently wrote about the importance of Human Resources (HR) in the adoption of Adaptive Lean Change in the workplace.

By virtue of their connection to all levels of a business, they have the ability to shift the work culture zeitgeist in very specific ways.

HR and Professional Development (PD) need to be almost prescient in identifying the current status of the organisation and anticipate new demands.

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It’s also up to HR / PD to ensure to reflect the Lean purpose in all training courses offered, be it soft skills courses, management courses or technical courses.

However, is not enough to simply fulfil the basic HR infrastructure (e.g. training, workshops, etc) but to also develop supporting structures and support groups.

Here’s What Those Supports Would Look Like:

Supporting Structures

An educational framework that unfolds alongside the overall development and keeps pace with newly identified requirements: a knowledge centre with scenario-based material (e.g.: podcasts, e-learning modules, documents, suggested readings, articles). Anybody from within the organisation can look up material based on their demands and requirements.

Support Groups

These are headed up by key players who support and drive change through their contributions. Most important are internal coach-mentors, consultants and trainers who sustain change and achievement after external consultants are no longer connected to the organisation.

If those contributing factors are not aligned by HR to the demands of ongoing change the overall success is jeopardised as the 'old-world' tools, processes and behaviours help to preserve/cement the old organisational norms.

HR needs to observe and support the transition from old-style hierarchical thinking to the newly defined freedom and working possibilities (and demands) of Lean.

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