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From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Respond: Shaping the Business and Work-Climate towards Agility, Adaptiveness and Differentiation

Posted by Stephen Parry on Apr 26, 2019 1:25:34 PM

The Business Agility Conference in Vienna, the 20th and 21st of May, is fast-approaching. It will bring together seasoned practitioners of Business Agility who will share their knowledge of transforming Stephen Parry speaker card Business Agilitybusinesses. My presentation, 'From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Respond: Shaping the Business and Work-Climate towards Agility, Adaptiveness and Differentiation,'  will be given on Tuesday, the 21st of May, at noon.  Please join me for the talk and come along to the Speakers' Corner if you would like to have a deeper discussion about the topic.
In the presentation, I will be addressing how an adaptive business is a transcendent leap beyond mere
process and efficiency gains. Becoming an adaptive organisation means managing a transformation from the old world to the new. You can’t control market evolution, but you can control your own.

Some points that will be considered are:

(1) Business Agility is about creating organisations that embrace continuous change and continuous value creation to differentiate the business and generate long-term profitability.
(2) We will look at how some large organisations have made the journey from traditional 'Make and Sell' approaches to Agile and Adaptive 'Sense and Respond' businesses.
(3) We will also examine what needs to change in the organisational infrastructure and how changing the mind-set, skill-set and work-climate are the new keys to unlock potential.

For more insight into the talk, listen to Inspiring Conversations in the Business Agility Series: An Agile Amped logo pngInterview with Stephen Parry.

In this podcast, Stephen deep-dives into addressing transformation in organisations that are often already overburdened. He says this requires senior leaders to trust the management at the mid level and, in turn, middle managers must trust the staff below them. Listen to the the podcast and hear him speak live at the Business Agility Conference in Vienna, 20-21 May.


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