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From Business Nightmare to Rising Star

Posted by Stephen Parry on Nov 12, 2014 2:51:29 PM

Free Webinar Dec. 10th 2014

fresh ideasResistance to change within organisations is constant for companies around the world.

That is until everything starts to unravel. Of course by this point the business is experiencing high customer churn, runaway costs, and high employee turnover. Managers also find themselves chasing one solution after another to fix individual problems rather than finding systemic solutions.

It's a business nightmare.

To use a seafaring analogy - the ship is adrift and taking on water. Buckets aren't a solution. You have to get control and fix the holes.

Adaptive Lean principles are the systemic fix that will keep an organization from collapsing beneath the weight it's own history and business culture. Gaining control of the business or simply becoming more responsive to customers requires Adaptive Lean approaches along with the right Lean change management programs that are properly aligned to the level of urgency.

Implementing lean

Join me and you will learn:

  • What Lean Principles and Lean Change Management activities can do to improve systemic issues within any organisation
  • Why breaking down silos and aligning everyone with organisational priorities makes the most sense
  • How every decision has to start and end with the customer.


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