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Does Business Agility need Agile or Vice Versa?

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jan 16, 2020 3:22:19 PM

Does Business Agility need Agile or Vice Versa?

Getting the answer right is critical if you want to create an organisation that has sustainable business agility and adaptability or to take your organisation to even greater heights.vector-of-social-business-gathering-vector-id481970869 narrow copy

I'm often asked, "So, how do I know?"  The first step is to understand the four core capabilities of a business, which I explain in this 20-minute video. Watch the video here.
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The presentation also stresses that business agility primarily must be driving:

  • Continuous adaptability
  • Continuous differentiation and
  • Continuous long-term profitability. 

The key word is 'continuous'.

This will translate into a business that thrives, not merely survives, in today's ultra-competitive marketplace.

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