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Collaboration: Big Picture Problem Solving for Medium to Large Businesses

Posted by Stephen Parry on Mar 9, 2020 1:52:04 PM

Collaboration is about complimentary skills melding together harmoniously to enhance the effectiveness of the outcome. On the partnership scale it's about a meeting of minds that, when it works, can change the world. On a much larger scale, it's about internally engaging the natural talents of your workforce for inspiration, creativity, problem solving, multiple perspectives and insights.

Big Pic Coll LIBut it's large-scale collaboration that many businesses struggle with. Highly fragmented organisations, both vertically and horizontally, suffer from a lack of transparency. The way in which things fit together, move, grow and are prioritised remains unseen to individuals and so cannot influence the decision making or creative output of individual staff or teams. The big issues a company is facing become opaque or even invisible except to a rarefied few – who consequently do not have the advantage of asking the majority collective to help in solving them. Getting people to sit down to seek solutions becomes Flywheelimpossible due to a lack of democratised data. This is why when it comes to collaborative scale, many organisations only engage collaboratively on the small things. Department by department, specialism by specialism, silo priority by silo priority.

While these organisations know how to collaborate and practice collaboration on the small scale, they cannot not move towards adaptive transformation without taking the technique to the next level. Small scale, compartmentalised collaboration only ever has small scale effects and subdues creative potential, no matter how potentially powerful, so that it never escapes the walls of the silo. The organisations big problems continue to grind along unaddressed (and largely unseen), slowing growth and profitability. 

The walls need to come down.

For information about our course Collaborative Business Problem Solving or some advice on designing a big picture collaboration system, feel free to get in touch on +44 (0) 7838 114 007 or info@lloydparry.com  


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