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Climetrics preps your organization for profitability

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jun 28, 2016 2:40:43 AM

How often do you leave your home and head out without checking the weather? I’ll wager that it’s not too often.

The weather affects how you plan your day - from the clothes you choose to the mode of transport you take to get to your destination.

Imagine setting off to work on a gorgeous morning, but a little on the chilly side. You choose to walk. On a day like this you know it might take you a little over an hour at a pleasant pace. So you set off. About 20 minutes in the sky opens up with a torrential downpour as the wind picks up and pushes against you.

When you finally get to the office, you’re 25 minutes late, soaking wet and exhausted. All you want to do is sit down and rest.

If only you’d checked the weather.

Of course this rarely happens in real life. We check the weather, choose appropriate clothing and make certain we get to our destination, rested and ready to engage.

Yet it happens in the business world all the time. Companies set goals and jump in without a proper preparation based on what the their internal climate is. So instead of achieving the goal, they set out on an exhaustive and fruitless adventure.

Does your forecast call for failure?

We’ve developed an organizational diagnostic called Climetrics® that takes the temperature across a company and predicts where the storm-centres are most likely to pop-up. It’s a climate survey that explores how management activities, measurement systems, structures, and delivery capabilities combine to create an adaptive work-climate that results in high-performance and long-term profitability.

A Climetrics® survey is structured to surface the impact of management choices through a careful analysis of the perceptions, feelings and behaviours of staff and management.

In addition to assessing behaviours, the survey provides insight into the influence on the work-climate as a result of management choices in the following areas:

• How organisational design impacts collaboration
• Managing practices such as continuous-improvement and governance
• End-to-end service performance
• Service quality
• Innovation and change ability
• Customer centricity
• Leadership style

You wouldn’t leave home without being prepared for the day and you don’t want to move forward on your projects without making certain you’re going to be able to weather all the storms.

To learn more about Climetrics®, please get in touch with us at Lloyd Parry International.

Topics: Climetrics, Customer Value Principles, Work Climate