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Climetrics key in transforming from mass production to adaptable organization

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jun 30, 2016 2:40:25 AM

I’ve said before that Climetrics is like a tailor-made bespoke suit. Many change programs come in a one-size-fits-all package. And I think we all know about how well that works out adaptable organization. 

Cuffs too long, neck too big and pants too long. As it is in fashion, so it is in an organization. One size never fits all!

Climetrics is a highly customized transformation that is responsive to the needs of each and every client.

It always starts with a site visit by Lloyd Parry International to examine current operational practices, capabilities and change-readiness status. Think if it like a custom weather report on operational effectiveness. 

A different kind of climate change

Consider the work we did with a global company operating in the enterprise software and hosting marketplace. The company embarked on a change that required new organisational design, working practices, behaviours and culture.

More specifically, their goal was to become more responsive to customer needs in a way that required a more proactive approach from all staff. The organisation was facing increasing customer complaints and high degree of customer churn.

We determined that the issue was that they were operating in a mass production model and needed to transform into a higher-performing, adaptive organisation centred on a blend of mass-specialisation and mass-adaptation principles.

The company could have simply gone through an improvement plan to make themselves a more effective industrial-climate. But they bravely moved toward a transformation to make themselves more adaptable.

It took 18 months but the difference was dramatic and, yes, truly transformative.

To learn how Lloyd Parry International can use Climetrics to transform your company in a more agile and adaptable organization, please get in touch.

Topics: Adaptability, Climetrics, Methods, Change Leadership, Work Climate

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