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Climetrics: Inside the process

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jul 7, 2016 6:53:07 PM

So you’ve hired Lloyd Parry to work on your internal change program. You’ve seen the overview of how Climetrics works and understand the value of creating a highly adaptive organisation. But how does the process work? You’ve got thousands of employees spread over branch offices around the world. How can we possibly live up to the promise of adaptive and  make change happen at the scale you need it to happen?

If I was in the same situation, I’d be asking the same questions.

So here is where I pull back the curtain and tell you how it’s done.

Here’s how change is made…

After discussing the proposal and scope of the process, we agree on terms and sign off on the proposal.

Next comes a two-day site visit.

Day One, we do a detailed site visit scoping for the climetrics survey and set survey parameters.

We meet with two or three managers to gain a deeper understanding of:

    • stated organisational values
    • organisational structures
    • duties of the main teams, goals-targets-objectives
    • management reporting
    • change programs and their objectives
    • current barriers and constraints
    • terminology and jargon used within the business

On Day Two, we meet with various managers and teams, conduct on-site data gathering and garner insight into day- to-day operations and decision-making.

After the two day site visit, we create a custom survey template and review it with a representative of the organisation. Following the review we run the survey with a small test team.

After any necessary adjustments, all staff and managers complete the full survey.

We then take the completed survey results and conduct a statistical analysis of the data. That information combined with the on-site interviews forms the basis of an executive report.

With the Climetrics executive report in hand, we then meet with the client and the survey statistician.

After that meeting the conclusions and recommendations are published jointly by the client and Lloyd Parry International.

When these recommendations are accepted we then go about creating a custom program that takes into account the entire organisation and all its branches.

What makes our approach different is our commitment to knowledge transfer. We don’t just guide and implement the program, we teach the organisations work with how to sustain and adapt  their processes long after we have left.

To learn how Lloyd Parry International can transform your organization through Climetrics, please get in touch.

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