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The following 5 webinars will explore the ways in which business can prepare themselves for change and succeed at becoming adaptive, by first understanding the 5 precursory elements for that success.

  1. Management training (webinar 1)
  2. Purpose-driven methodologies (webinar 2)
  3. Waste management (webinar 3)
  4. Firefighting (webinar 4)
  5. Collaboration (webinar 5)

With these basics, the chances of a business achieving its change agenda increase exponentially. This interactive question and answer webinar series provides an opportunity to gain deeper insight and understanding whatever your methods are – whether they are Agile, Lean-Enterprise, Business Agility, Sense and Respond or the Adaptive Business Enterprise etc. 

Register for the webinars and we’ll notify you of the dates.  Please be sure to read Change Readiness:  Planting the Seeds for Change Readiness, our new short eBook.

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