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Change Maker Professional Course

Engaging the Business in Conversations for Change

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(Three-Day Course)

Level: Professional

Elevating Change Process Knowledge in the Change Maker Role

With great power, comes great responsibility.
Businesses in the market are hungry for adaptation, and
only professional change makers can answer the call.

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The Change Maker Professional Course provides delegates with the most relevant, advanced and sophisticated methods for creating adaptive businesses available today, to supercharge their effectiveness as future leaders in cultural transformation.

Change practitioners from all business backgrounds will learn to utilise essential contemporary strategies to overcome even the most problematic impediments to real change within organisations.

Studying the methods, systems and practices essential to pilot emergent change in an unpredictable business environment, delegates will develop unprecedented influential ability to foster growth and success in the face of constant market evolution.  


The Professional Course provides delegates with profound knowledge of the prerequisite education, skills and behaviours in preparation for practical application in real-world business environments.

The specific areas of development are:

Adaptive Business Change Management including Climetrics®
Influencing and Planning


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CREATING a Common Purpose

Delegates will learn design methods that facilitate a simple clarification of an organisation's goals by aligning customer purpose, employee purpose and business purpose. They will discover how to synchronise both measurement and reward systems in harmony with that common purpose.

Studying these methods develops vital knowledge of the cultural behaviours necessary to change the underlying work-climate. Changing the work-climate is the essential component of sustaining long-term adaptability.

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INTERPRETING People Dynamics

Adaptive Business Change Management involves understanding long-established systems and behavioural patterns that impede Adaptive enterprise.

Learning the importance of the work-climate Climetrics® Diagnostic as a base from which to move from industrial to adaptive work cultures is key. Additionally, leading and promoting the specific people dynamics necessary to create willing contribution and effective change is a crucial skill set.

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UNDERSTANDING System Mechanics

To develop something, it must first be understood. Delegates will learn to identify and illuminate the crucial physical aspects of an organisation and its systems, including:

  • Climetrics®
  • Organisational Structures
  • Reporting Systems
  • Measurement
  • Project Plans
  • Visualisation Systems
  • Operational Reviews
  • Reward and Recognition Systems

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ASSIMILATING Adaptive Business Change Management

A variety of approaches will be learned to gain consensus for change, mobilise groups and create alliances. Engaging and developing the willing contribution of staff, managers and leaders will be key here.

Unlike traditional change management techniques, Adaptive Business Change Management is, by nature, reactive to the situation on the ground. Learning to quickly sense, respond and adapt to emergent problems to capitalise on the arising opportunities is the goal.


(The event will take place over a weekend and either a Friday or a Monday)

Pre-Course Preparation

Introductory reading material outlining the high-level concepts will be made available ahead of time. Additionally, basic information about a real business situation delegates may encounter will be provided.


The Adaptive Business System
Work Climate and Change Concepts Climetrics®
The Change Engagement Cycle
The Role of the Change Maker
Personal Leadership


Introduction to the FaCE Business Collaboration System
Cafe Change Approach Planner
Management Foundations Audit
Change Communities Audit
Methods Audit

Day 3

Change Maker Methods
Change Program Management
Change Communication Planning
Planning your Fieldwork

Post-Course Continuity

At completion, the course members webinar will be available for delegates to discuss items from the course and their progression against their Change Engagement Objectives or Personal Learning Plans. Questions submitted in advance will create an agenda for everyone to engage and support each other.

Course material will be provided, and students will receive updated or new material when it becomes available. Additional personal mentoring/coaching sessions are available, priced either individually or in discounted multiples.

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