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Change Maker Masterclass

Engaging the Business in Conversations for Change

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(Three-Day Course)

Level: Masterclass

Real-world Preparation for Change Makers in the Field

In a fast-changing market, survival requires adaptation.
Bridging the gap between survival and success, however,
requires knowledgeable insights blended
with the power to lead.

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The Masterclass Course builds on the Professional Course, giving delegates an authentic platform on which to apply their newly-acquired professional knowledge base. The aim being to capitalise on momentum by employing the theoretical to the realities of leadership in corporate cultural transformation.

By building a profound comprehension of the process of change, delegates will identify the capacity for it within real organisations. Determining management effectiveness in balancing ongoing business alongside the transition to an adaptive model.

Applying the methods, systems and practices essential to pilot emergent change from the Professional Course, delegates will polish their abilities as Change Makers for use in the field.


The Masterclass Course provides delegates with the opportunity to apply the theory of knowledge, practice and behaviours gained from the Professional Course and apply it to the real-world business environment.

The specific areas of development are:

Instilling an Evidence-Based Management Culture
Management and Staff Trust Development
Adaptive Business Change Management
Developing a Blame-Free Environment
Operational Engagement Strategies
Change Readiness Assessment
Mentoring Executives


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CREATING a Common Purpose

Delegates will apply the knowledge of how to align customer, employee and business purpose within the framework of a real business, while synchronising, as they do so, both measurement and reward systems in harmony with the common purpose.

With work-climate change being the essential component of sustaining long-term adaptability, this practical application of learning will solidify knowledge of the cultural behaviours required to make it happen.

Lloyd Engage 3

INTERPRETING People Dynamics

With profound insight into the vital importance of work-climate in the move from industrial to adaptive work cultures, delegates will utilise their skills in building Change Communities to foresee and avoid impediments to Adaptive enterprise in the real world.

Using genuine business examples as a framework, behavioral methods from the Professional Course will be implemented to build trust, increase communication, enhance collaboration and foster blame-free transparency across an authentic organisation. Specific knowledge areas will be:

Creating Change Communities, Developing Management and Staff Trust, Organisation-wide Change Engagement, Emergent Change and Adaptive Practice.

Lloyd Engage 4

UNDERSTANDING System Mechanics

The crucial physical aspects of an organisation now being well understood, delegates will experience these within genuine organisations. The challenge will be to apply their knowledge and create plans to drive change in the real world. Specific areas of development will be learning how to:

Create Leadership Change Management Forums
Create Education Material to Support Change
Create Business Wide Collaboration Systems
Set Up Change Communities.

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ASSIMILATING Adaptive Business Change Management

Having understood how to gain consensus for change, mobilise groups, create alliances, engage staff and encourage contribution, now comes the time to develop this knowledge for use in the field.

Delegates will be coached in the enhancement of their Change Maker abilities, to influence and guide change programs and develop the organisation itself towards an adaptive business.


(The event will take place over a weekend and either a Friday or a Monday)

Pre-Course Preparation

Introductory reading material outlining the high-level concepts will be made available ahead of time. Additionally, basic information about a real business situation delegates may encounter will be provided.


The Adaptive Business System in Depth – Case Studies
Strategies for Creating Management and Staff Trust
The Implementation of Work-Climate Diagnostics
Work-Climate Studies


Developing a Change Introduction Plan
Change Program Governance
Change Communication
Change Themes

Day 3

Creating Change Agents and Change Communities
Preparing to Engage Others on the Journey
Creating a Personal Learning Plan
Creating Engagement Objectives

Post-Course Continuity

At completion, the course members’ webinar will be available for delegates to discuss progression against their Change Engagement Objectives or Personal Learning Plans. Questions submitted in advance will create an agenda for everyone to engage and support each other.

Course material will be provided, and students will receive updated or new material when it becomes available. Additional personal mentoring/coaching sessions are available, priced either individually or in discounted multiples.

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