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Change Agent Essentials Course

Adopting New Ways of Thinking and Working

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(Two-Day Workshop)

Level: Essentials

Key Foundational Development for Aspiring Change Agents

Exceptional Change Agents aren't born; they're trained.
For future professional masters of the art,
the journey begins with the essentials. 

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The Change Agent Essentials Course introduces those wishing to establish themselves as accomplished change practitioners with the prerequisite fundamentals necessary to make it happen.

Whether you want to become an impactful change expert within an organisation or an independent professional, this course is where the rubber meets the road.

Focusing on four fundamental areas of study delegates will be introduced to the core knowledge base and skills all exceptional Change Agents possess, gaining an indispensable foundation from which to build such valuable expertise for themselves.


The Change Agent Essentials Course provides delegates with profound insight into the knowledge, methods and skills necessary to master productive behaviours that influence change in real-world business environments.

The specific areas of personal development are:

Increasing Knowledge and Skills
Building Trustworthiness


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Learning to do this provides the infrastructure for change by creating a comprehensive map of the entire organisation. These maps illustrate the organisation's relationship to customers, suppliers, end-to-end workflow and the marketplace. You will gain the skills to determine exactly which elements require visualisation and emphasis and to construct end-to-end business visualisation systems.

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Understanding work measurement is a crucial skill in the Change Agent's arsenal. Adaptive business measurement systems focus on how work is generated in response to customer needs and how value flows through the end-to-end business. As you acquire this understanding, you will learn the difference between volume metrics and flow metrics, as well as business and customer outcomes.

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Continuous change is a journey towards perfection. It ensures the delivery of business objectives by consistently and perpetually identifying superior, cutting edge ways of delivering value. Obtaining skills to evaluate the ways in which a business improves will develop your capability to analyse how the systems of improvement can be aligned to customer, employee and business outcomes.

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DEVELOPING the Workforce

Absorbing the importance of work-climate and culture with regard to how they influence the behaviour and decisions of a business is key for the aspiring Change Agent. You will be able to utilise the knowledge cycle of Engaging, Learning, Leading and Improving to equip staff in their enhancement of the organisation and day-to-day work. You will develop a comprehensive knowledge of the essentials of business adaptability and learn to identify organisational learning feedback loops.


Pre-Course Preparation

Introductory reading material outlining the course concepts will be made available ahead of time. Additionally, delegates will provide basic information about a real business situation they are encountering. Preparation may be undertaken individually or as small teams if delegates are from the same organisation. Finally, you have the option of completing a personal learning plan to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you get the most out of the course.


The Purpose of Business Adaptability
The Essential Elements of Business Change and Improvement
The Essentials of Visual Management


The Essentials of Measurement
Developing and Coaching People in Improvement and Change
Implementation Planning

Post-Course Continuity

Once the course is completed, delegates will have the opportunity to attend the course delegates’ webinar to discuss items from the course and their progression against their change engagement or personal learning plans. Questions must be submitted in advance to create an agenda for everyone to engage and support each other.

Course material will be provided in hard-copy during the course. In addition, delegates will periodically receive future updated course material when it becomes available.

Additional personal one-hour mentoring/coaching sessions with an experienced mentor are available. Sessions are priced either individually or in discounted multiples.

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