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Change Agent Advanced Course

Adopting New Ways of Thinking and Working

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(Two-Day Workshop)

Level: Advanced

Next Level Development for Future Change Agents

Those determined to succeed
will instinctively harness momentum.
For the truly ambitious, the journey continues.

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Building on the Essentials Course, the Change Agent Advanced Course develops the knowledge and skills of motivated future Change Agents to profound and applicable levels.

By now, delegates will have passed their driving test. The advanced course produces drivers of real competence and ability, taking them much further down the road towards their mastery of the art.

Developing coaching and mentoring capabilities in the adoption and integration of Adaptive methods into everyday work, delegates will gain a deep understanding of end-to-end collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and improvement activities applicable at all levels of an organisation.


The Change Agent Advanced Course provides delegates with much deeper knowledge of the prerequisite education, skills and behaviours required for specific practical application in the real-world business environment.

The specific areas of development are:

Understanding the System Mechanics of Change
Understanding the People Dynamics of Change
Understanding Adaptive Business Dynamics
Coaching and Mentoring


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Utilising skills gained in mapping organisations, visualisation will be used to promote inter-departmental and inter-hierarchy collaboration on operational improvements and goal alignment. The same technique will be implemented to identify and act on the disconnects between operating strategy, delivery ability, and process execution.

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Your broad knowledge of measurement systems will be put to use, focusing on systems that concentrate on how work is generated in response to customer needs and how value flows through the end-to-end business. Further in-depth learning will target how adaptive business measurement systems are used to initiate and track business improvement.

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Building on your fluent understanding of the philosophy and practical applications of continuous improvement, several critical methods for reducing work-overburden, increasing transparency, improving delivery capability and quality outcomes will be learned. Developing concrete methodologies that harness the perfection philosophy is the goal.

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DEVELOPING the Workforce

Putting your comprehensive evaluation of the value of work-climate and culture into practice, you with learn to make connections between business strategy, day-to-day delivery issues, work-flow quality and customer outcomes. This will be your opportunity to influence and lead discussion on the best approaches to identify and remove operational errors and overburden.


Pre-Course Preparation

Introductory reading material outlining the course concepts will be made available ahead of time. Additionally, delegates will provide basic information about a real business situation they are encountering. Preparation may be undertaken individually or as small teams if delegates are from the same organisation. Finally, you have the option of completing a personal learning plan to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you get the most out of the course.


Advanced Techniques and Methods
Understanding change program Mechanics and People Dynamics
Taking your change program to the next level
Influencing and Leading using Data and Evidence


How to establish trust and foster a no blame work climate
Setting out the phases of change and plan for engagement
Creating your own action plan for business change
Creating your own personal learning plan

Post-Course Continuity

Once the course is completed, delegates will have the opportunity to attend the course delegates’ webinar to discuss items from the course and their progression against their change engagement or personal learning plans. Questions must be submitted in advance to create an agenda for everyone to engage and support each other.

Course material will be provided in hard-copy during the course. In addition, delegates will periodically receive future updated course material when it becomes available.

Additional personal one-hour mentoring/coaching sessions with an experienced mentor are available. Sessions are priced either individually or in discounted multiples.

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