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Call for an Ethical Management Framework for Software Development and IT Companies

Posted by Stephen Parry on Dec 1, 2012 2:36:21 PM

Listen to Stephen Parry deliver the first Grant Rule Memorial Lecture to an audience at the UK Software Measurement Association (UKSMA) Conference: '21st Century Metrics'

Title of the talk: An Ethical Management Framework call to action. Grant Rule: A champion for human potential.

Grant Rule was the founding Director of SMS,and was a recognised software metrics "guru" and a pioneer of Lean Systems Thinking.

In this the first in a series of talks commemorating Grants's contribution to the world of software systems, Stephen Parry picks up the challenge that was closest to Grant's heart  - how can we realise our human potential to create possibilities for a better life?

In this recording, Stephen asks us all to consider how  we can respond to this challenge. When software is at the heart of most of the modern world, how can software professionals influence companies who are simply concerned with shareholder capital without respect for human capital, or knowledge capital?


Message from Stephen Parry: If you would like to be involved with the development of an Ethical Management Framework for Software Development and IT companies then just leave a message on our message board. Thank You.





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