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July's News Review from Lloyd Parry Adaptive Business Consulting

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jul 30, 2019 4:46:07 PM

We hope you're enjoying the summer holidays, whether in the scorching heat or in the downpours or something in between.  Our July news is a recap of what we've been up to.  It includes information about News Monochromeour new CAFÉ Change Planner Workshop; top posts for the month, including our blogs and other interesting articles; a new section called Stephen Parry speaks about ... ; and upcoming events.  As always, if you'd like to have an informal chat about your business needs or about Business Adaptability or Agility in general, please get in touch.

CAFÉ Change Planner Workshop: The Starting Line for your Journey to Adaptability and Agility

This hands-on, minds-on workshop is great for Agile practitioners and business leaders exploring routes to change. It offers some practical ways to understand your current organisation’s “change” personality change etc.and examines new forms and methods of change that are crucial for Business Adaptability and Agility.

The in-house, introductory session for 5-10 people can be either a half or full day and is aimed at a mix of C-Suite leaders, middle managers, and change team leaders. It is a great starting point for your journey to Adaptability and Agility. Learn more here.


Top Posts for July

Lloyd Parry Change Readiness mock up-1Excerpt from Change Readiness: Planting the Seeds for Change Success by Stephen Parry

"It does not take a genius to understand why foundations are built before construction begins above, but apart from the obvious fact that it cannot work any other way chronologically ..."  Do you really need that reorganisation? Check your business and fix your foundations first. This eBook is for C-Suite executives, middle managers and change-leaders.  Click here for more.


 Rotman ChameleonThe Age of Emergent Change by Beth Comstock in Rotman Management

Comstock argues organisations aren't "prepared to handle emergent change." She also mentions her strong belief in the 70/20/10 rule to counter this. Interesting read. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss.  Click here for the article link.


Agile Business Conference Logo Agile Tools Session: CAFÉ Change Planner with Stephen Parry

This hands-on, minds-on Agile Tools Session at the Agile Business Conference on Thursday, the 26th of September, in London is great for Agile practitioners and business leaders exploring routes to change. Click here for the full description.

Stephen Parry speaks about  ...

Agile Amped logo pngTransforming an already overburdened organisation. An interview in conjunction with Agile Amped and Accenture. Click here to listen. 


Parry-Presenting-4Understanding the importance of your organisation's work-climate when embarking on your journey to Business Adaptability and Agility.  A presentation at the Business Agility Conference in Vienna. Click here to watch.

Upcoming Events

Agile Prague Conference, Prague, 16 - 17 September

Agile Prague v2

Keynote Presentation: The Organisational Journey to Business Agility

It is easy to point out that changing technologies, revised business models and increased competition demand an agile and adaptive response from businesses to survive. It is quite another thing to recognise what an agile and adaptive organisation looks like in practice. Find out more about my presentation here.

UK Customer Experience Awards 2019 CXA 2019 Slide-1

I'm delighted to serve as a judge at this year's UK Customer Experience Awards. Now celebrating their 10th year, the awards are presented to UK businesses that demonstrate excellent customer engagement, consistent turnover and business reputation, as well as conspicuous high performance in 22 areas, plus an overall winner.



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