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Book Stephen Parry For Your Next Event

Posted by Stephen Parry on Oct 25, 2018 4:22:42 PM

Lloyd Parry founder Stephen Parry is available to deliver presentations and talks at conferences, events, business dinners and training seminars. With decades of experience in business coaching, strategic planning and management consultancy, Stephen is one of the world’s leading authorities on adaptable enterprises.

Adaptation, Innovation & Engagement

Stephen is a passionate advocate for adaptation, innovation and engagement in the workplace, establishing systems that allow businesses to capitalise on market changes brought about by technology and consumer practices. While change is frequently seen as an obstacle, or at least something to be mitigated against, Stephen Parry’s philosophy of adaptive culture uses the momentum of market change to accelerate growth and create new opportunities.

How this is done forms the heart of Stephen’s event presentations, which are all tailored to the needs of his specific audiences and the challenges faced by their industries. Stephen is a genuinely motivational speaker because he sets out a practical strategic roadmap for change that makes intuitive sense and can be adapted to almost any business model.

Creating an adaptive business culture involves recognising that people are at the heart of how an organisation works and does business. These individual people may be customers, employees or suppliers, but they all react differently to change and carry a diverse range of motivations. Developing the people within an organisation and its supply chain opens up sources of creativity, contribution and innovation that can make an organisation more robust and adaptable.

About Stephen Parry

Stephen has worked as a consultant and leadership adviser across the world in numerous industries, including financial services, IT and shared services, as well as public sector bodies and local councils.

He is the author of the book Sense & Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose, an influential publication that draws on his years of experience. Over the years Stephen has been the recipient of several awards, including;

  • The National Business Award for Best Customer Service Strategy
  • The European Service Industry’s Best People Development Programme
  • The European Service Industry’s Personal Award for Innovation & Creativity

Stephen is available for;

  • Keynote speeches and presentations
  • Corporate events
  • Management learning workshops
  • Change leadership and motivational presentations
  • Strategic consultancy etc.

To book Stephen to speak at your next event, or for him to be part of informal training with your management team, please fill out this enquiry form.

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Our unique business diagnostic platform – Climectrics – is purpose designed to help transform businesses into adaptable organisations that can take advantage of market changes for accelerated growth. To find out more, or to arrange a free demonstration, please call 01462 670342, or email info@lloydparry.com. Our free Guide To Creating Adaptive Organisations & Cultures may also be useful. Download a copy by clicking here.

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