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Change Management: Re-purposing the Business in Disruptive Times

Posted by Stephen Parry on Mar 6, 2018 1:17:19 PM

I’m very pleased to be delivering a keynote presentation and a 90-minute interactive workshop at this year’s ITEM Strategy and Practice IT Conference, From Code to Product. From Service to Solution in Kiev on the 24th and 25th of March. 

Stephen Parry's Keynote: Re-Purposing the Business: Changeability, Adoptability and Capability

Almost daily, managers face multiple choices for work design, measurement, rewards, organisational structures, working practices and approaches to management and staff relationships just to keep the day-to-day business running, let alone responding to future business needs.

The talk will focus on establishing or re-establishing a common purpose across your enterprise and simplifying and clarifying the goals expected of each employee, as this is crucial in steadying your original course or setting a new direction. You can then ask questions about your ‘change-ability,’ ‘adopt-ability’ and capability to make the journey.

All businesses imperceptibly change over time, which often results in purpose drift or worse purpose stagnation. Different teams and areas of expertise emerge at times, dividing the business in subtle but important ways. In addition, well-intentioned, new and diverse methods are introduced ad-hoc, causing further fragmentation and inter-department work-disconnects. Purpose becomes obscured in the day-to-day noise and risks miscommunication, conflicting priorities and discord. Most importantly, a disjointed understanding of purpose inhibits the ability of a business to react quickly to marketplace disruptions.

Common Purpose vs. Waterfall Purpose

The danger to change comes when the common purpose is declared at the top, and in a waterfall fashion, cascaded downwards. Waterfall purpose is not a common purpose. Switching from one to the other requires Big-Picture collaboration.


Stephen Parry's Workshop: Re-purposing the Business

The workshop is aimed at people interested in business change, senior managers, Agile coaches, change practitioners, organisational development, mid-managers, operations managers, and organisational designers.


We will take some time to deep-dive into a few approaches and methods and examine the thinking behind creating an adaptive business and adaptive work-climate.

Also, we will look at four important items from our Adapt Change Framework:

  1. Replacing a waterfall purpose with a common purpose.
  2. Measurement matrix and combining efficiency with effectiveness and understanding the difference between outcome measurement and the measurement of means to produce desired outcomes.
  3. Hierarchy of business and work errors.
  4. Big-Picture collaboration

These need to be considered in context when creating an effective change program to engage the willing contribution of managers and staff alike, so we will be discussing what problems you are trying to solve and debating different methods and approaches.

If you feel your organisation could benefit from this workshop or any other Lloyd Parry International services, please contact us to discuss your requirements. contact


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