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Influential Business Books for Creating an Adaptive Business

Lean IT and Effective Service Delivery

Business Agility Live in Conversation with Stephen Parry, 12th of May, 3pm BST

"The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" Book Review by Stephen Parry

"Post COVID-19 Crisis Supply Chain: A Time to Rise" White Paper Review by Stephen Parry

"Best Place to Work" Award: What does it take to win?

Adaptive Business:  Complex Service Delivery

Collaboration: Big Picture Problem Solving for Medium to Large Businesses

ACE! 2020 Conference: Creating a Collaboration System for a Global Cloud Company

Sense and Adapt Academy: Collaborative Business Problem Solving Course

When Firefighting Consumes IT and Cloud Organisations

Changing the Way you Change: A New Form of Business Adaptation

The Essence of an Adaptive Business: Employee Engagement

Human Resource Strategies to support an Adaptive, Lean Organisation

Lean IT: Improving the Customer Experience in the Travel Industry

Lean IT can be liberating for Managers and Staff in Services

Does Business Agility need Agile or Vice Versa?

Business Success: Some Resources To Make It Happen

Stephen Parry recognised as One of the Top 25 CX Influencers

2019 - 2020 Business Transformation Resources

Podcast: Achieving Business Agility and Adaptability

Best Place to Work: UK Business Awards 2019

Diagnosis + Prognosis: Unlocking your Organisation's Ability to Adapt

The Making of Monsters: Bad Hybrid Models

The 1st Global Lean Learning Summit

Stephen Parry appointed as Chair of Judges for the UK Business Awards 2019

Stephen Parry at the Agile Coaching Exchange

Let the Customers' Need dictate the Product Design

Getting Intimate with your Customers

Mission Critical: Capturing Emerging Customer Needs

Mistakes can be a Marvellous Source of Innovation in a Professionally Safe Workplace

Business Agility and Adaptability: The Real Deal or Cargo Cult

Standing on a Mountain of Diamonds: Removing Waste for Maximum Rewards

August News Review from Lloyd Parry Adaptive Business Consulting

Changemakers can be Internal Revolutionaries when it comes to Transforming an Overburdened Organisation

Business Agility: Adaptability is the Primary Business Behaviour

Why Your Business Needs An Adaptive Culture

July's News Review from Lloyd Parry Adaptive Business Consulting

What is your organisation's change personality? Commanding, Adapting, Firefighting, or Emerging

Agile Tools Session: CAFÉ Change Planner with Stephen Parry

Excerpt from "Change Readiness: Planting the Seeds for Change Success" ebook

From Introduction to Adaptive Business Practices

Stephen Parry appointed as a Judge for the UK Customer Experience Awards 2019

Collect, Interpret, Act: How To Innovate and Solve Problems

Adaptive Business: April Newsletter

Method Wars and the Key to avoiding them during a Business Transformation

Keynote at Agile Prague 2019: The Organisational Journey to Business Agility

An Accenture Interview with Stephen Parry: Transforming an Already Overburdened Organisation

From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Respond: Shaping the Business and Work-Climate towards Agility, Adaptiveness and Differentiation

The Future is Always Coming: Adaptability is Key to Keeping Up with Technology

Change Readiness: Planting the Seeds for Change Success

Brexit: Intellectual Property and .eu Domains

Trick o' Tweet and the 'Philosophical' Pumpkin

Some Tweets of 'Mind'

How do you see your organisation? Is it a Marilyn Monroe or an Albert Einstein?

Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose (Foreward)

Lean IT can be liberating for Managers and Staff in Services

Modernising Quality Systems: Are your systems failing to keep up?

How One 999 Call became a Big Part of a Force's Transformation Story

Differentiation: How One Logistics Company Achieved It

Courage: The Core Competency for Change Agents

The Rewards Of ‘Smarting Up’ Your Customer-Facing Staff

Adaptive Business: March Newsletter

Transforming an Overburdened Organisation requires Changemakers, not Champions

Adaptive Business Consultants: What Can They Do That You Can't?

3 Precision Techniques To Aid Business Change And Development

The Importance Of A Manager’s Decision Making To An Organisation

The Consequences Of Not Adapting To Business Changes

How Important Is Communication In An Adaptive Business?

How To Instill A Problem Solving Mindset In Your Staff

Critical Thinking And Complex Problem Solving Course For Managers - Fully Booked!

Lloyd Parry's Half Day Discovery Course: Find Out More About Adaptive Business Practices Today!

Book Stephen Parry For Your Next Event

Join Us in Warsaw for This Year’s AgileByExample Conference in October!

Ready to take your management career to the next level? London 20-21 Nov 18

Stephen Parry Will Be Speaking At Agile Business Day 2018!

Stephen Parry Appointed To CXA’18 Award Judge Panel

Change Readiness: When Firefighting Consumes IT And Cloud Organisations.

What Will We Be Covering At Agile Business Day 2018?

The Key Challenges for Business Transformation and Change: Turn on the Lights!

Agile Business Day 2018 – What Is It & Why Should You Attend?

Change Management: Create More Predictability & Control With Adaptive Practices

Change Management: Re-purposing the Business in Disruptive Times

Big Picture Collaboration: The Key to Business Agility and Adaptability

4 Tips For Getting The Adaptive Culture In Business Right

Adaptive Business: What It Is & Why You Need It

Change Management requires Change Makers, not Champions

Planview webinar to focus on Adaptive Enterprise

Adaptive Enterprise: Increasing productivity with continuous planning

Adaptability: Don’t Implement – Grow!

BusinessAgile2017 Redux: Change or die

Talking about Adaptive Design in New York

Business Agility 2017 Conference brings even more change to New York

Adaptive Change Is A Way Of Thinking

The “why” behind a career in adaptability and change

Making Organisations The Best Environment For Agile Success

How the blame game ruins adaptive cultures in command and control environments

Adaptability is the new core competency

The change agent’s dilemma: should I stay or should I go?

Climetrics: Inside the process

Climetrics key in transforming from mass production to adaptable organization

Off-the-rack change packages can’t transform organizations

Building trust essential to building Lean and Agile organisations

There’s no change without management ownership

Breaking Through The Wall: Designing organisations that work for Lean and Agile thinking people

Is your Organisation's Future Sunny or Stormy?Measuring your Microclimates with Climetrics®

Adaptiveness: not just for teenagers anymore

Beyond Process: Building an Adaptable Organisation

Not improving your business means you've lost control

Linking IT Techs To Customers Essential

Lean feedback loops: error detection, correction, prevention

What Is Key To Achieving An Adaptive Workplace?

The rewards of ‘smarting up’ your customer-facing staff

Purposeful adaptability

Adaptive: Work climate and culture are not the same

New forms of adaptive organisational workforces: Faster adaptability is the new core competency in the new economy

Personal purpose key for changemakers and changemaking

Adaptability also seen as key for military

Meeting the needs of a new IT age: Amadeus Global moves into clear blue water

In Customer Value Enterprise® staff change the system

Customer Value Enterprise®: encouraging staff to promote change

How To Encourage Staff To See Their Organisation As A Whole

New study by Amadeus Global Operations urges travel firms to adopt 'lean thinking' or risk being left behind

Smarting Up: The Business Case for Adaptive Lean in the Workplace

Agile Review Magazine: „Für mich heißt Lean vor allem: Menschen, Menschen, Menschen“

The case of Fujitsu Services: Sense and Respond. Book citation by Bernard Marr

Sense and Respond further study section

"Adaptive Enterprise" Book Review by Stephen Parry

"The Gold Mine" Book Review by Stephen Parry

"The Halo Effect" Book Review by Stephen Parry

"The Black Swan" Book Review by Stephen Parry

"Beyond Budgeting" Book Review by Stephen Parry

Sense and Respond Book Review by Tomislav Petrovic

Burgers or Subs? Batch and queue vs Flow.

How to Diagnose your Organisation to Chart your Lean Journey - Part 1 and 2

Re-post Sense and Respond Linkedin Discussion

Sense and Respond: Book Forward

Fourth Generation Management: Brian L. Joiner. Book Review by Stephen Parry

"The Human Side of Enterprise" Book Review by Stephen Parry

Call Centres: All Businesses Have costs but Waste is Optional

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