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Changing the Way you Change: A New Form of Business Adaptation

Posted by Stephen Parry on Mar 3, 2020 12:37:36 PM

Over the last 10 years for a multitude of social, economic and technological reasons, organisations are under pressure to change rapidly.  Executives are demanding the adoption of ever-increasing quick fixes and practices, resulting in more fragmentation and confusion amongst staff, managers and customers.

Basically, businesses are no longer static for any reasonable length of time.  Continuous renewal and experimental approaches have become the norm.  We, therefore, need to change the way we change organisations.  This is the new challenge for businesses and for those consulting and advising them.

The Sense and Adapt Business Model is designed deal with radical uncertainty -- to create internal change capability for organisations to continually change themselves and adapt to new market and public sector conditions, and the one-day CAFÉ Change Workshop will help you identify your organisation's change personality.  Is it commanding, adapting, firefighting or emerging?  Knowing the answer to this is extremely important in your business-transformation efforts.

You will learn:

  • your dominant change profile and style
  • how to identify the most effective change approach for your business
  • how to create a simple language to exchange change ideas
  • better ways to approach the very process of change itself
It's for a cross-section of:
  • C-Suite leaders
  • Middle managers
  • Change teams

The CAFÉ Change Workshop will look at a selection of practices from the Sense and Adapt Business Model for engaging and opening conversations with staff, managers and leaders. 

Cafe Planner LI[1]

There will be case-study illustrations within each section for context and discussion. The agenda for the day is as follows:   

  • Introduction and warm-up exercise
    • Brainstorm current business challenges
    • Brainstorm current change challenges
  • Context: Brief overview of the Sense and Adapt Business Model
    • Organisational dynamic: Engaging, learning, learning, leading and adapting
    • Transformation dynamic: Designing, engaging, adopting and adapting
    • Four business capabilities for continuous business adaptation
  • Context and Practice: Understanding the differences between work ‘climate’ and ‘culture’
  • Practice: CAFÉ Change Planner
    • Hands-on, minds-on session addressing the different forms of change approaches
    • Understanding your current organisational change profile
    • Implications for your choice of change approach
  • Practice: Creating and maintaining a common purpose for
    • Staff
    • Customers
    • Business
  • Practice: Speaking the unspeakable
    • Pretence
    • Reality
    • Cost
  • Practice: Measurement analysis using simple matrix conversations
  • Case-study discussions
  • Implications for your business
  • Planning the next steps
    • Strategy
    • Structure
    • Capability
    • Value flow

The one-day CAFÉ Change Workshop can be delivered at a convenient time for you and your team, either in-house or live online. For more information and a quote, please contact us on +44 (0) 7838 114 997 or at info@lloydparry.com

Lloyd Parry CTA Long










Cafe Planner

C = Commanding

A = Adapting

F = Firefighting

É = Emerging

Within this context, we will look at:

· the dominant change approach within any given business.

· the most effective change approach for Business Agility and Adaptability.

· how to create a simple language for Agilists and business leaders to exchange change ideas.

· better ways to approach the very process of change itself.

Recognising your current change personality will help you understand where you are, where you need to be, and critically, ways to change the way you change. This CAFÉ planner session has helped hundreds get that Business Agility and Adaptability approaches are not the same as traditional ones and are a must for any successful transformation.



Topics: Lean, Adaptive Business, business agility, Agile, Management and Training

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