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Agile Business Day 2018 – What Is It & Why Should You Attend?

Posted by Stephen Parry on Aug 2, 2018 5:09:34 PM

The Agile Business Day will be held on the 15th of September in Venice and is the only Italian conference with an international reach that covers on 360 degrees the themes of agility at the business, organizational, technical and humanistic levels. It will feature international speakers and thought leaders, over 30 talks in one day, video streaming, pre-conference workshops and great networking opportunities,

This year’s theme is Growing into Agility, and the sessions will explore the question, ‘Is an organization transformed so that it can manifest agility or does it intentionally evolve into that?’ By examining various approaches — technical, humanistic and business-related — organizations will have a better understanding of themselves and the domain in which they operate, to progress along a personal path towards real agility.

The sessions will be arranged in five main tracks:

  • AGILE FOR: budgeting, product and service design, working with people (HR), business models, organizational development, leadership, marketing, business agility
  • AGILE PROJECT/PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: working with projects and products in an explorative and adaptive way
  • AGILE FOR TECHIES: technical aspects of agility, especially for the development of software product and services
  • AGILE COACHING: people development, teamwork, soft skills and human dynamics
  • AGILE FOUNDATION: the basics for those who are new to agility

The Agile Business Day is a unique opportunity for organizations both in the private and public sector, for managers, professionals and for anyone who wants to make a serious investment in their individual development and that of their company alike.

To find out more go to: www.agilebusinessday.com

Book your place for Agile Business Day 2018 at www.tickets.agilebusinessday.com/event/abd2018

If you’re unable to attend the conference but are interested in The Chameleon Effect and accompanying workshop, please get in touch to discuss the possibility of Stephen delivering them to your team.

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