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Adaptive Business Consultants: What Can They Do That You Can't?

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jan 16, 2019 1:56:00 PM

Employees are the lifeblood of an organisation. We all know this. The combination of personalities, quirks, skills, and imagination are what sets one organisational identity apart from another.

During times of change, your unique work-climate is more vital than ever.

However, it is well known that organisations often falter when this delicate harmony is interrupted. Ruffle the feathers of a team, and the results can be devastating.

Adaptive business consultants have dynamic insights that not only prevent change from being traumatic, it becomes an empowering process for all involved.

Here are three of the core features of an adaptive business consultant.

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1) Diagnosing The Work Climate

Adaptive business consultants are experts at diagnosing organisational climate.

Every organisation has a unique climate. Like a natural weather system, the climate is formed of the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of everyone involved. Like weather, this climate influences every aspect of organisational health. From nourishing growth to navigating change, the climate has dominance.

Being able to analyse and understand it is crucial. This is because organisational climate is like a hurricane in terms of its power and influence. For purposeful change to happen the organisational climate needs to be correctly interpreted.

Adaptive business consultants have advanced training in how to read and analyse the subtle cues that reveal the often hidden thinking, feeling, and perceptive layer of an organisational. With this information, agents of change are empowered to steer that immense force in the right direction.

2) Redesigning

Being able to diagnose an organisational climate is the first step in a much broader change process.

Understanding the work climate demands perceptive insight. Redesigning an organisation means infusing that knowledge into the creation of a detailed road map. Adaptive business consultants are a little like skilled mechanics restoring a classic vehicle to full horsepower. This takes strategy, knowledge, and understanding.

The correct road map of change is unique to each organisation. A change agent understands how to read the subtle signs in organisational climate and harness the available systems and materials in the process of careful restructuring.

By their enhanced organisational awareness, adaptive business consultants can guide a company towards the development of productive work climates.

3) Navigation

Arguably the most important asset of an adaptive business consultant is the ability to visualise and navigate. Often, the reason that an organisation is floundering is that the people at the helm do not have full and accurate information.

This means that value can quickly become lost.

An informed navigator can read the signs in the organisational environment and ensure that practical strategy and human feelings synergise in a way that is not abrupt or harmful.

The seas of change can be turbulent and unpredictable. A good navigator has a level of understanding that enables the company to become the kind of ship that works with the waves rather than against them.

Closing Thoughts

Every organisation is fuelled by a valuable alignment of personalities, skills, and dynamics. Understanding the perceptions, feelings, and motivations of this network is the key to harnessing that energy for adaptive change.

Adaptive business consultants are readers of people and nimble strategists.

In a world where environment is everything, a seasoned navigator can make the difference between sinking and thriving. Find out more about our approach to adaptive business consultancy by calling +44 (0) 1462 670342, or by emailing info@lloydparry.com.

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