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Adaptive Business:  Complex Service Delivery

Posted by Stephen Parry on Mar 31, 2020 3:22:16 PM

If you own or manage a complex service business, you'll know how complicated it can be to make company-wide changes. However, in the competitive modern world, it's crucial for organisations to be able to respond quickly to market or economic developments or changes in customer behaviour and demand. So, how could using our Sense and Adapt Business Model enhance your company's ability to adapt to change?

Why being adaptive is essential

All businesses need to be adaptive. Failure to react when change is required will almost certainly hamper the growth of your organisation and could even result in its decline. However, it's even more important forComplex Business Services 3 complex services companies to become adaptive due to the additional challenges they face.

Companies that supply complex services, such as IT systems or cloud services, often work within fast-moving industries and need to establish long-lasting relationships with customers in order to thrive. Many of the services offered by this type of company are business-critical, so their clients want to be confident that their suppliers are ahead of the curve in terms of processes and business practices.

Changing the way we change

Unfortunately, even companies working in the most forward-thinking, innovative industries can be held back because they're using old-style 'top to bottom' change management strategies. That means new ideas and working practices can take time to filter down the chain and departments may not always work collaboratively.

Why the Sense and Adapt Business Model works

To transform your complex service business into an adaptive organisation, you'll need to take a more holistic, collaborative approach to change. That's where our Sense and Adapt Business Model comes in. It is method independent, so no matter what change tools you're using (i.e. Lean, Kanban, Scrum, etc.), by integrating them, it can enable your organisation to continuously adapt to changes in market trends and disruption.

The Sense and Adapt Business Model is an effective solution for IT resellers, cloud service suppliers, vendors, global businesses, outsourcers, and other complex services firms. Utilising it will enable you to implement our adaptive business dynamics.

Adaptive Business Dynamics

  1. Engaging and Understanding
  2. Learning and Sharing
  3. Leading and Choosing
  4. Improving and Adapting

Mastering Adaptive Change Skills

Mastering the skills, knowledge and methods in the four areas below leads to the creation of adaptive business dynamics: 

  1. Design. The Change Architect
  2. Engage. The Change Maker
  3. Adopt. The Change Agent
  4. Adapt. Adaptive Business Manager

The key issues that comprise each phase are shown on the following infographic. You can learn more about them on our Sense and Adapt Academy courses.

Sense and Adapt Academy 2


Enrolling your leadership and change teams in our Sense and Adapt Academy will empower you to create:

  • Functional operating strategies
  • Efficient organisational designs
  • Innovative change designs
  • Effective change teams, and
  • An adaptive work culture.

As a result, your company will be able to embrace change and continue on the path to success.

Find out more

To learn more about the courses we offer, visit our Sense and Adapt Academy page. If you'd like further information about how we can help you to maximise your service effectiveness, you can book a session in our calendar by clicking below.

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