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A3 thinking: not a process

Posted by Stephen Parry on Aug 2, 2016 4:00:09 AM

When discussing A3, I often find myself having to clarify that it’s not simply a process you can implement. It’s a mindset that influences everything within an organization.  It’s a crucial distinction.

A3 thinking is entirely about developing intelligence, not processes, methods or even solving problems.

It’s about the individual responses to a challenge and not the challenge itself.  An A3 thinker develops a mindset, a way of looking how problems should be tackled, and what issues need to be considered.

Sometimes the solutions are unknowable. But discovering that is in itself invaluable.

The quest becomes the development of thinking to gain better insight into reality, transforming the learning process into a de facto training experience.

An A3 review is a transformative experience for the user. If they’ve had biases and fears about a subject they’re working with, A3 thinking strips that away.

So if you come across references to an A3 ‘process’, raise an eyebrow. There is no A3 process only an individual’s approach that is invariably more honest, focussed and incisive.

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Topics: Lean Methods, A3 Thinking, Knowedge work