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A3 thinking guides managers from thinking to doing

Posted by Stephen Parry on Jun 14, 2016 2:09:13 PM

One of the more popular workshops I conduct has to do with the A3 decision making process

It’s popularity isn’t surprising. Many managers at all levels know well how challenging it can be to manage a steady flow of data and information coming to you from a myriad of sources.

A3 thinking pulls that info apart separating the noise from the really useful information. Adapting an A3 process provides a structured problem-solving mindset to guide you and your staff to the best solution.

First developed at Toyota, A3  Thinking is a process is now applied to just about any management conundrum. However It is especially effective at helping understand and solve complex, cross-functional, and chronic problems.

The A3 Thinking process helps you:

  • Make rapid, iterative steps toward improvement and problem solving
  • Surface issues and problems in a way that avoids blaming individuals
  • Cut through the noise and/or misleading information to get the facts
  • Be clear with your team about priorities and responsibilities
  • Quickly develop a problem solving mindset in your staff to take responsibility for improvement

At Lloyd-Parry, we engage with companies at all levels to demonstrate just how effective A3 is in empowering management environments to move ahead smartly and quickly when sourcing solutions.

If you are interested in A3, Lloyd-Parry is interested in talking to you about workshops and educational sessions. Please be in touch by clicking here.


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