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Sense and Respond helps organisations in Shared Services implementations

Posted by Stephen Parry on May 4, 2016 11:14:22 PM

If you are embarking on remaking a Shared Services programme, one thing is certain – you will face challenges.

And to execute it successfully requires excellent leadership and the ability to change many aspects of your organisational culture. The risks and potential rewards of shared services are great.  Do it right and you could cut costs significantly AND improve services.

I’ve discovered through my work that using the Sense and Respond – Adaptive thinking approach to shared services implementations helps organisations through the transition. That’s because this approach allows the business to avoid errors and assumptions that can undermine a successful outcome.

And even though Lean / Agile can deliver cost savings, it’s not about cutting costs, it’s about delivering value to customers. It comes down to how to create a clear line of sight between what you and your staff do every day, and what the customer actually values.

Core Lean / Agile principles are crucial to keeping you focussed on what matters to your customer. By measuring internal and external customer outcomes you continually gather information to keep the improvements going throughout the transition process.

Is it as easy as it seems? Well, yes and no. Lean / Agile can only be effective if it’s put in place with management support that goes beyond lip service. At it’s essence Lean / Agile is about managing people and resources. So the changes it brings about are transformative.

To learn about how Sense and Respond – Adaptive thinking can transform your organisation, please take a look at Conferences and Workshops on our site, specifically Adaptive-Lean Shared Services – Masterclass for Senior Leaders. Then please get in touch.

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